Dan berikut ini beberapa CMS dalam bentuk BLOG.

Free OpenSource
Data Base
b2evolution Yes GPL PHP
Battle Blog Yes GPL Classic ASP
Blogger Yes
blogSpirit No PHP
Cakewalk Blogs Free
dasBlog Yes BSD ASP net 2.0
DotClear Yes GPL v.2 PHP 5
ExpressionEngine No Proprietary PHP
FlatPress Yes GPLv2 PHP4, compatible with 5
Forest Blog ASP 3.0
Geeklog Yes GNU version 2 PHP
Ignition Yes GNU GPL v3 PHP
Jlog Yes GPL 2 PHP
LifeType Yes GPL PHP
Loudblog Yes GPL PHP
Movable Type Yes GPL Perl
NucleusCMS Yes GPL PHP
Pebble Yes BSD Java
Pivot Yes GPL PHP 4.1.0, PHP 4.3 or above recommended
SamePage No Commercial Java
Serendipity Yes BSD PHP
Textpattern Yes GPL PHP 4.3+
typo Yes MIT Ruby and Rails
Wheatblog Yes GPL PHP, SQL
WikyBlog Yes GPL PHP
WordPress Yes GPL PHP

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